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Santana Law Firm is a Tier 1 New York City law firm focused on defending the rights of people who have been accused of crimes or wrongly victimized by police or uncaring corporations. Our attorneys have an aggressive reputation and an exceptional track record, routinely securing not guilty verdicts, positive settlements, and million-dollar damages in criminal defense, civil rights/police abuse, and personal injury cases.

Founded and led by former Brooklyn prosecutor and judge Jaime Santana, our attorneys understand the inner workings of the NYC criminal justice system because we’ve seen it from every angle. We know the playbook that district attorneys, judges, and police use, and we use that knowledge to fight injustice and preserve our clients’ reputations.

Our New York Criminal Lawyers

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Santana Law Firm Has Secured Positive Outcomes Including Many Not Guilty Jury Verdicts In A Variety Of Felony And Misdemeanor Cases, Including:

No matter what criminal charges you are facing, the best thing you can do to preserve your rights is contact a Santana lawyer immediately.

In many cases, the first few days after an arrest are the most critical and present the best opportunity to set up an effective defense or to have charges dismissed altogether.

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How Santana Law Firm
Can Help You

As former prosecutors ourselves, we know what moves the district attorney’s office will make—and we know how to plan one or two steps ahead of them. They are accustomed to criminal defendants and their lawyers quickly caving for a deal – the process is almost like a machine and when we object to our clients getting steamrolled into a bad outcome, we have taken the first step toward securing a better outcome for Santana Law Firm clients.

Our team of best-in-class attorneys and investigators act quickly and effectively to reduce your chances of conviction and jail time.

We don’t wait for the prosecutor to offer a plea deal or stall your case for months. We take a proactive approach and plan to aggressively defend you at trial, if necessary, from day one. Sloppy or over-burdened prosecutors lose their advantage at this point

When you work with Santana Law
Firm, Our Lawyers Will:

  • Work to get your bail reduced or eliminated and seek your immediate release from jail
  • Demand and thoroughly review evidence, including police reports, eye witness testimony, and photographs
  • Challenge flawed evidence or inconsistent witnesses and inaccurate police reports to prevent these prosecutorial tools from tainting your defense
  • Investigate, question, and discredit unreliable witnesses
  • Determine if your civil rights were violated and develop this additional defense where appropriate
  • Move to have charges quickly reduced or dismissed completely
  • Identify all possible defenses and build a strong and proactive case
  • Systematically attack every incorrect or otherwise flawed prosecutor’s argument against your freedom

There is Always a Defense Available

In criminal cases, the burden is on prosecutors to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. There are always flaws and ambiguities in the prosecutor’s argument where reasonable people (jurors) begin to doubt the entirety of the prosecution, thereby reducing the charge or sentence or avoiding conviction entirely.

Our lawyers will thoroughly review your case and quarterback a defense that offers your best chance of a positive outcome.

Possible Defenses to which you
may be entitled include:
Innocence, Alibi, & Other Affirmative Defenses

You've been wrongly accused of the crime.

Constitutional Violations

Law enforcement violated your rights by illegally searching you or your property, failing to get a warrant, coercing your confession, or taking other improper action.

Self Defense or Defense of Others

You committed a crime only to protect yourself, others, or your property from greater harm.

Insanity / Intoxication

You were not of sound mind at the time of the crime and did not understand right from wrong.


You were forced to commit a crime by someone else.


You committed a crime to prevent more significant or further harm.


You were induced to commit a crime by a government actor who can be a police officer, official, or even a paid informant.

By the time you are arrested, the district attorney’s office will have already started developing an case against you. The sooner you have legal representation, the sooner your lawyer can begin reviewing evidence, developing your defense, and creating a plan to keep you out of jail.

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Our NY Civil Rights Legal Team
Fighting Back Against Police Abuse

A badge doesn’t give law enforcement free reign to lie, abuse, or violate the law. Even if you’re under criminal investigation, incarcerated, or charged with a crime, you still have rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Unfortunately, we see civil rights violations all too often in the criminal cases we handle. If you’ve been injured or mistreated by police or corrections officers, or if a loved one was killed due to negligence or intentional actions of law enforcement, you may have a civil rights case.

Our Firm Represents Victims
(And Their Families)

If you’ve been charged with a crime and believe your rights were violated, we can investigate your case and determine if a civil rights defense may help reduce your charges or even get your case dismissed.

If you have a standalone civil rights case, our lawyers can evaluate the evidence, help you choose the best course of legal action, and hold law enforcement accountable for wrongful behavior.

You may be entitled to damages to compensate you for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost income, and emotional distress. A judge may also impose punitive damages against the law enforcement agency or force the agency to make reforms.

Did Police Violate Your Rights?

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Our New York Personal Injury and
Civil Trial Legal Practice

If you or a loved one has suffered physical injury, mental anguish, or economic loss because of someone else’s negligence, you don’t have to suffer alone. Santana Law Firm can help you take legal action, put a stop to injustice (including disreputable insurance company representatives), and receive the compensation you deserve.

Our Attorneys Represent Victims of:

From the outset of every personal injury case, we investigate, strategize, and prepare as if we will go to trial. This not only gives you the upper hand in the event that we enter the courtroom, but it also allows us to negotiate more effectively and achieve the highest possible settlement for you.

Our team of attorneys will fight for you to secure the best outcome available.

We understand how confusing it is for individuals to navigate the legal system, and how challenging it is for the average person to win against uncaring insurance companies, faceless corporations, and other Goliaths.

At Santana Law Firm we believe every person is entitled to justice. Fighting to make that happen, one client at a time, is what we do – every day.

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