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Santana Law Firm is a leading New York City law firm with two decades of experience representing criminal defendants charged with sex crimes and internet offenses. With offices in Manhattan and the Bronx, our lawyers help clients charged with NYS misdemeanors, state felony charges, and federal felony charges resolve their cases successfully, obtain not-guilty verdicts, and avoid incarceration.

The ubiquity of the internet has created an entirely new category of crime and an increasing number of criminal charges. Drug, theft, and white collar offenses now frequently come with additional cyber crime charges. Internet crimes are also closely linked with sex crimes. Many law enforcement agencies have developed overzealous cybercrime task forces specifically to apprehend individuals they believe are using the internet to solicit minors.

Being charged with a sex offense is one of the most terrifying things that can happen to a person. Just an accusation of a sex-related offense—let alone a conviction—can destroy your reputation and lead to life-altering penalties. A sex crime investigation or charge is not something to take lightly or handle on your own.

The lawyers at Santana Law Firm are prepared to help New Yorkers with the most serious criminal charges. As former Brooklyn prosecutors, we know how the prosecution will approach your case—and we work one step ahead of them to defend you and maintain your dignity. To us, nothing is more important than minimizing the damage of a criminal charge and preserving your right to a fair trial.

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Types of Internet Crimes in NYS

A cyber crime is committed when the internet has been used to engage in criminal activity. Internet crime charges are usually accompanied by other charges related to drug crimes, white-collar crimes, or sex crimes.

Simply using a laptop or cell phone while engaging in alleged criminal activity can trigger an additional cyber charge. Plus, as internet crimes typically cross state borders, they are often federal offenses that come with more serious penalties.

Cybercrimes in New York include:

  • Hacking
  • Identity theft
    Identity theft
  • Fraud
  • Extortion
  • Cyberstalking
  • Internet financial scams
    Internet financial scams
  • Computer trespass
    Computer trespass
  • Cyberterrorism
  • Harassment
  • Unauthorized use of a computer
    Unauthorized use of a computer
  • Solicitation of a minor
    Solicitation of a minor
  • Manufacture of child pornography
    Manufacture of child pornographyOr distribution or possession of

To defend against a cybercrime charge, a lawyer must have unparalleled criminal defense skills and a deep understanding of technology. Working with a team of expert witnesses and digital forensic investigators with deep technology expertise, Santana Law Firm attorneys have successfully resolved numerous computer crime cases.

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New York Sex Offense Charges

New York penal law establishes a variety of sex-related crimes. Sex crimes are most often associated with physical acts, such as rape and sexual assault. However, written, verbal, and digital communication of a sexual nature may result in federal criminal charges, even if nothing physical happened.

Many sex offenses hinge on “he said, she said” evidence and are based on misunderstanding or false accusations. Innocent individuals may be unfairly swept up in large-scale federal internet sex crime investigations simply because they used a file-sharing service or mistakenly visited a website.

NYS sex offense charges may include:

New York State reserves some of its harshest sentences for individuals charged with sex crimes. The court of public opinion may be even more unforgiving; individuals accused of these offenses are often considered guilty by the public even before being formally charged.

Santana Law Firm understands how devastating a sex offense accusation is. Our lawyers will handle your case discreetly and professionally to preserve your freedom and reputation.

Possible Charges for Internet Sex Crimes in NYS

Internet and sex crimes are often federal offenses or serious misdemeanors that come with harsh penalties. It is imperative that you do everything possible to avoid and reduce the impact of such charges, as they can come with life-altering consequences.

Sentences for internet crimes/sex crimes may include:

  • Prison or jail time
    Prison or jail time
  • Fines
    Fines of $100,000 or more
  • Deportation
  • Probation
  • Lifetime registration as a sex offender
    Lifetime registration as a sex offender

These sentences may impact your ability to get a job, find housing, obtain a bank loan, or maintain custody of your children. The stakes are too high for you to choose an inexperienced lawyer or, even worse, try to deal with law enforcement on your own.

Defenses to Sex Crimes and Cybercrime

Although criminal charges are devastating, your situation is not hopeless. There is always an available defense.

In the best case scenario, you can retain a lawyer during a suspected investigation and start the defense process before you are formally charged or arrested. Even if you have already been charged, however, there are steps you can take to preserve your rights and get your life and reputation back.

A skilled NY criminal defense lawyer will develop a strong defense strategy to minimize the damage of your charges. Your lawyer may use one of the following defenses:

Santana Law Firm

will work diligently to defend you against cybercrime and sex offense charges and, when possible, get charges dropped completely.

What to Do if You’ve Been Accused of a Crime in New York State:

1Find a trusted lawyer as soon as you believe you are under investigation.
2Do not speak to the accuser, law enforcement, or anyone else without your lawyer.
3Preserve evidence, such as chat logs, emails, and photographs.
4Stay calm and don’t lash out on social media.

It is never too soon to contact an attorney if you believe you will be charged with a crime. Working with an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer will give you the best chance of beating criminal charges.

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Led by Jaime Santana, a former NYC prosecutor, our team of experienced criminal defense lawyers has a longstanding track record of helping defendants avoid and reduce felony and misdemeanor charges. We are acutely aware that we only have one shot to help our clients avoid conviction, and we take that responsibility immensely seriously.

With so much at stake, it is crucial that you choose a lawyer you trust. If you or a loved one has been charged with a sex crime or an internet crime in New York City, contact our office today for a free, confidential case evaluation. We will begin working immediately to defend you.

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    have a history
    of misconduct.
  • 4Contact our network of experts who can explain how and
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  • 6Stop bad
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